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Hungry Giraffe is our first foray into the genre of endless climbing and is based on the experiences of a giraffe * very particular that, weary of the foliage of the acacias, decided to stretch the neck to reach hamburgers floating in the sky. Using the calories of hamburgers so that the neck is stretched further, went from hamburgers to french fries and tacos to sandwiches, eager to gorge.
But our friend giraffe had to be careful with the various obstacles that had been floating around, of course. At the end of the day, you drop an anvil on the head usually does not do much good to anyone. As for the poison, in short, would you like to have to be to clean up after a giraffe than 1,200 kg drop your lunch? Everything counter drugs are also best avoided, since human drugs and hallucinogens often have strange side effects when the giraffes who take them.
Ano: 2012
Tamanho: 145MB
Idioma: Inglês
Região: USA
Formato: ISO

Plataforma: PSP

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