Download – Guitar Hero III – Avenged Sevenfold – PS2


**Descrição Do Game:  
Guitar Hero III Avenged Sevenfold.

Produzido por KW e WhiTE.

Nivel do Jogo: Todos

Versão II:

Todos os bugs encontrados por KW e o WhiTE foram corrigidos e mais algumas imagens foram editadas.

As músicas que foram alteradas foram:

La Grange
I Won’t See You Tonight
Waking The Fallen

Nessa nova edição está praticamente TUDO editado, tem 4 imagens que o KW não conseguiu editar devido a um erro desconhecido do programa minibuildgh3, que simplesmente trava, mas são só essas quatro!

Tier 1:

1. Unholy Confessions
2. Chapter Four
3. Remenissions
4. Desecrate Through Reverance
Single Encore – Eternal Rest
Co-op Encore – Warmness On The Soul

Tier 2:

1. Second Heartbeat
2. Radiant Eclipse
3. I Won’t See You Tonight
4. Clairvoyant Disease
Single Encore – And All Things Will End
Co-op Encore – To End The Rapture

Tier 3:

1. Beast And The Harlot
2. Burn It Down
3. Blinded In Chains
4. Bat Country
Single Encore – Trashed And Scattered
Co-op Encore – Seize The Day

Tier 4:

1. Sidewinder
2. The Wicked End
3. Strength Of The World
4. Betrayed
Single Encore – M.I.A.
Co-op Encore – Waking The Fallen

Tier 5:

1. Critical Acclaim
2. Almost Easy
3. Scream
4. Afterlife
Single Encore – Gunslinger
Co-op Encore – Synyster Gates Live Solo

Tier 6:

1. Unbound (The Wild Ride)
2. Brompton Cocktail
3. Lost
4. A Little Piece Of Heaven
Single Encore – Dear God
Co-op Encore – Waking The Evil

Tier 7:

1. Demons
2. Girl I Know
3. Crossroads
4. Flash Of The Blade
Single Encore – Until The End

Tier 8:

1. Tension
2. Walk
3. The Fight
4. Dancing Dead

1.Soothsayer – Buckethead
2.Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow – Bullet For My Vallentine
3.Nottingham Lace – Buckethead
4.Dreambound – Helloween
5.Metal Meltdown – Judas Priest
6.Wolf And Raven – Sonata Arctica
7.Victim Of Fate – Helloween
8.Whispers – All That Remains
9.Bark at The Moon – Strung Out
10.Cemetery Gates – Pantera
11.All Guns Blazing – Judas Priest
12.Destruction Preventer – Sonata Arctica
13.Concerto – Cacophony
14.Kingdom for a Heart – Sonata Arctica

John Petrucci:
15.Glasgow Kiss
16.Jaws of Life
17.Animate Inanimate

Joe Satriani:
18.Always With Me Always With You
20.Summer Song

Steve Vai:
21.Tender Surrender
22.For the Love of God
23.Building The Church

G3 (Live in Tokyo):
24.Smoke on The Water
25.La Grange

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